About Us

Suitably was born in 2015 when co-founder Alexander had a wedding to go to. A simple task from the outset however, for the dapper gentleman who wants to look his best, not one that is easy to accomplish.

He found that there were several things that were frustrating about the process. Finding the time out of work to go somewhere. Having off the shelf things looking frumpy and mismatched. Spending an exorbitant amounts of money on items that were obviously of an inferior quality. He left with a single thought. “There has to be a better way”.

Enter Suitably. A business born from the idea that people you can look their best without having to deal with sub par products and ill fitting garments (Without draining your bank account).

Suitably set out to from the start to create individually designed articles. Unique set pieces that garner second glances and compliments. Couple that with a fit that’s quite literally made just for you, and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

To add to this, Suitably has also curated an elegant list of accessories to compliment your style at unbelievable prices.

Because we are so committed to ensuring that you look your best, we do not offer “Off the shelf” suits. Our customers are offered a complimentary fitting by one of our agents that exist all through Australia and we back this with our perfect fit guarantee. Once measured, our brilliant tailors use the highest quality materials to create a suit that looks, feels and fits better than anything you’ve worn before at a fraction of the cost of the cost that you would pay otherwise.

Need more help? A Suitably agent will be available to take a call and give you styling advice by appointment.

Don’t want to be out of pocket? Suitably offers AfterPay to make our already well priced wares more accessible.

We’ve thought long and hard about how we can bring the old world style and service into the 21st century and we feel that we’ve nailed it. With suitably, you’ll always look sharp. No matter what the occasion.

Be Smart. Be Suitably.

Our Team

Alexander Pillai
Co-Founder // Suit Connoisseur

Alexander is “That Guy”. The guy who goes to the pub in a three piece and thinks it’s normal. Alexander is the co-founder and designer of the suitably range and is the cornerstone of the suitably ethos. He brings a unique style that constantly pays homage to the classics whilst ensuring that a modern touch is asserted at all points.

Casey Reissig
Co-Founder // Business Development

Casey is the good looking one of the bunch. With a keen eye for detail and an even keener interest in the industry, Casey provides a fresh outlook that allows Suitably to be what it is now. With an extensive knowledge of operations and a knack for sourcing materials and agents, he provides an edge to the Suitably brand that helps to separate us from your Grandfathers tailor.

Gavin Mace
Community Manager

Gavin provides the web and operational prowess to ensure that the amount of effort you need to put in to look as sharp as a tack is minimal. Gavin maintains the website, assists in the agent network and provides support to our customers. He is an integral part of the team that ensures that the Suitably machine is well oiled and makes sure that we keep to our promise of looking sharp without the headache.